About the Exam

Scope of Exam

  1. Host: BLIA World Headquarters

  2. Organizers: BLIA Lay Dharma Teacher Fellowship Committee; BLIA Chunghua

  3. Co-organizers: Regional BLIA Chapters

  4. Date: August 28, 2022 (Sun); exact time to be announced by regional BLIA Chapters

  5. Eligibility: BLIA members and the general public; no restrictions on age, education, or                   faith


1. Exam category: Individual, Group (2-4 people, can be family, friends or colleagues)

2. Exam group:

1)Group A: Humanistic Buddhism: Holding True to the Original Intents of Buddha
           Group A1: Under 16 years old. (contains following)
Complete Works of Ven. Master Hsing Yun Website:  http://books.masterhsingyun.org or contact your local temple

(2)Group B: “Three Acts of Goodness is very Simple”,


3. Study Guide: will be available for download starting June 1st

4. Question source: 90% from the study guide

5. Online mock exams: Available starting July 1. 

To Participate

  1. Registration: Online (Please visit www.blia.org)

  2. Registration period: June 1 to August 20, 2022

  3. Exam method: Online Open-Book. Results will be revealed immediately after submission.


  1. Award announcement: Results will be announced on Buddhism Exam Website on Sept. 10 

  2. Award types: 

  • Promotional Excellence Award: evaluation based on Chapters that has achieved the minimum registration quota target.

  • Buddhism Achievement Award: evaluation based on the Chapter registrant’s average exam score, where number of registered participants is 50% more than Chapter members.

Note: The Chapter Promotion Award and Buddhism Knowledge Award will be given at the 2022 BLIA General Conference.


  1. Contact: (Please enter in local administration/registration information)